I have followed “Doonesbury” since the Washington Post Watergate days. Its writer Gary Trudeau spoke at my college graduation ceremony. I even have a signed poster from the HBO TV series “Tanner ’88″ which Trudeau wrote for Robert Altman. The inscription: “All best and cheers from Gary Trudeau (’70). My good friend Pat Flynn, who was a member of the New Grass Revival and played in one of the episodes, told Gary I was a Yale grad hence the ’70 reference.

Anyway yesterday’s “Doonesbury” was a classic Trudeau spin on the Hollywood movie business:

The guy in the photo is Sid Kibbitz. Here is his official bio:

A fixture in the Los Angeles entertainment community, Superagent Sid Kibbitz almost defies description, though a reporter requesting a resume once received a 250-page document. Widely acknowledged as the first agent to use the car fax, Kibbitz is also admired for his persistent, though unsuccessful, efforts to package former President Reagan in a “buddy picture” with Tom Cruise. Mr. Kibbitz represented Duke in negotiations for the Delorean project Fast Lanes, White Lines, and has paid special attention to the career of Barbara Ann Boopstein, landing her numerous roles and tirelessly pushing her New Age epic, Hard Bodies, Soft Minds. The son of a rabbi, Mr. Kibbitz is also a fully ordained minister in the Christian Order of Immaculate Pacifism.

Trudeau started “Doonesbury” as a comic strip in the Yale Daily News in 1968 (it was called “Bull Tales”). Imagine having the creative drive and inspiration to do a story nearly every day for over 40 years!

Here is the online home of “Doonesbury”.