My wishes for you 2013

This humble blog exists for many reasons and a primary one is to try to elevate the quality of the scripts that funnel into Hollywood and other filmmaking centers worldwide. We deserve better movies. And that starts with a screenplay.

In that spirit, here are some wishes I have for each of you in 2013.

May you be creative.
May you develop a relationship with your Creativity that enables it to grow.
May you channel your Creativity into an empowering writing process.

May you feed your imagination by reading great books and screenplays.
May you find inspiration by watching and analyzing movies.
May those ideas and images make your writing that much better.

May you claim your right to be a writer.
May you find the persistence to exercise that right every day.
May your daily diligence translate into plenty of FADE OUTs.

May you fall in love with words.
May you use strong verbs and vivid descriptors.
May your pages come alive in the minds of readers.

May you generate a bounty of story concepts.
May you push yourself to work on only the very best ones.
May at least one of them be the basis for a truly commercial script.

May you get to know your characters in the deepest possible ways.
May they speak to you through their words and actions.
May you have the courage to follow their lead when writing each and every scene.

May you learn to live with the voices of negativity in your mind.
May you grasp the fact that all writers deal with doubts.
May you understand the only power those doubts have is that which we give them.

May you write.
May you rewrite.
May you finish.

May you find your passion.
May you follow that passion into stories flowing from your soul.
May those stories come into being as great scripts.

There are so many things about what we do we can not control.
We can not control agents and managers.
We can not control producers.
We can not control studio executives.
We can not control directors.
We can not control business trends.
We can not control a fundamental need for every writer… plain dumb luck.

But we can control this…
Our writing.
The stories we choose to tell…
And the quality of the effort we bring to the process as we write them.

So finally this…

May you always keep your focus on the Writing.
May you develop a vibrant, organic and real relationship to Story.
And together, may your Creativity and Story translate into stories worth writing.

Thanks for making GITS a part of your life.
All the best to each of you and all your creative endeavors in 2013!