A mea culpa

In a press release this morning announcing Justin Kremer’s recently signing with Creative Artists Agency after submitting his script to the new Black List website, I failed to mention that he had previously volunteered work to the Black List as an “intern.”

To clarify, from time to time, we put out calls for individuals to assist us with various tasks like transcribing interviews and alerting us to information about Black List scripts that comes up via the news. In exchange for such occasional assistance, we allow those individuals to call themselves interns though it is an “internship” in the loosest possible sense of the term.

Justin submitted his script without my knowledge. He paid to have his script hosted.  He paid to have it read.  It was read with no further information beyond its genre, as is the case with all of our screenplays.  It was evaluated and included in our emails based on that evaluation and was downloaded and subsequently rated highly based on the evaluations of individuals who had no knowledge of Justin beyond his screenplay and the fact of its high scores.

I personally only became aware of the screenplay when its evaluation was published to our site.

I cannot emphasize enough that the process his script experienced was in no way different than any other submitted script.  I have no tolerance for anything but a pure mathematical experience when it comes to the Black List, and we will continue to function in exactly that way.

If there was an error here, it was in my failure to include the information about our previous, tenuous relationship in the press release that announced his great success.

It is my most sincere hope that this failure does not affect the view of Justin or his screenplay.  It shouldn’t. The path his script took did not and could not have been affected by his previous work.  The failure here is mine in failing to mention it when celebrating his good fortune.

If anyone has questions about the Black List, feel free to ask them at general@blcklst.com or via our Twitter handle @theblcklst. In all probability, I, personally, will be the one to respond.


Franklin Leonard