Wanted: graphic designers, data visualization specialists, professional screenplay readers.

If you’ve been following the Black List blog, Go Into The Story, or Screenwriting Tips… You Hack over the last couple of months, you know we’ve been quite busy.  There’s the new Black List membership community, our Definitive Spec Sale list, and most excitingly, The Quest, and… well… suffice it to say that there’s A LOT more coming.

To that end, we’re looking to put together a loose community of folks with special skills to participate and help out with some of our new initiatives.  Some of this work might be paid, others of it will be crowdsourced.  It all depends on the project at hand and the special skills that some of you possess.

Right now, here’s who we’re looking for:

  • Graphic Designers – Pretty straightforward.  If you like making things beautiful, particularly things that are word or data related (and probably for the web), if you like the work of our designer Glen Charbonneau (or, shudder, think you can do better), we’re looking for you.
  • Professional Script Readers – Have you ever been paid for your thoughts on a screenplay? Was it for the writer herself? For a screenplay competition? As a freelance reader for an agency, production company, studio, network?  We’re looking for you.

If you’re any of these things, please do get in touch. Email us at franklin at blcklst dot com.

Just mention what you’re interested in in the subject header and introduce yourself in your email.  And if you have a personal website that advertises your services, save yourself the time, and just include that.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

We’re looking for interns.

Black List interns will assist our technical and editorial team (including official screenwriting blogger Scott Myers) on a variety of projects, including but not limited to data entry and film industry research.

This is an excellent opportunity for current undergraduates and graduate students who have long-term film industry aspirations to acquaint themselves with the screenwriting business and the names who loom large within it without necessarily being in the greater Los Angeles area.

Applicants should have a strong interest in the film industry, specifically in screenwriting, criticism, and business strategy. Ideal candidates are polished writers and meticulous researchers who love movies, are fascinated by the people who write them, and spend a disturbing amount of time reading about both.

Please send your resume and a cover letter that includes your five favorite movies and one sentence each about why you love them to interns@blcklst.com.