The 2011 Brit List

Since 2007, the film community on the other side of the pond has done its own Black List analogue called, appropriately enough, the Brit List.

Below is this year’s installment featuring

  • a math prodigy finding love at the math olympiad
  • a hard partying virgin Mary sequel
  • a Thomas Hardy adaptation
  • two John Le Carres
  • and an 80s musical featuring Katrina and the Waves.



Welcome to the Brit List 2011.

As in previous years, the UK and Irish film community have compiled a list of their most liked and recommended unproduced screenplays. Out of over 160 screenplays nominated the projects below achieved the 3 votes or more needed in order to appear on the list.

In order to qualify for the Brit List, a screenplay had to:

a) receive 3 or more votes

b) be unproduced (not shooting) at the time of the list’s circulation

c) be written by any writer who is non US, and

d) not have featured on previous Brit Lists

Where known, producers have been named alongside the screenplays. Genre and summary information has also been provided at the discretion of the producers involved with the project.

Every effort has been made to supply accurate information, and apologies are made in advance for any inaccuracies or misspellings.


THE CALL UP by Charles Baker (Marjacq)

Producers: Stigma Films

Genre: Sci‐fi Horror

Summary: A group of online gamers are invited to trial a state‐of‐the‐art virtual reality sim, but what starts out like a dream encounter with cutting edge video technology ‐ a perfect representation of soldiers in a warzone – takes a turn for the sinister when the stakes are raised to fatal. These masters of the shoot ‘em up will have to fight for their lives within a game gone too far: this time it’s for real.


ORDINARY THUNDERSTORMS by William Boyd (The Agency)

Producers: Origin Pictures/BBC Films

Genre: Thriller

Summary: An innocent man on the run across London is forced to go underground in an attempt to evade his dangerous pursuers.  Based on William Boyd’s international best-selling novel.


LILTING THE PAST by Hong Khaou (unrepresented)

Producers: Dominic Buchanan

Summary: A story about loss, memory, love and intimacy. A mother’s attempt at understanding who her son is after his untimely death.

OLIVIA AND JIM by Henrietta & Jessica Ashworth (United Agents)

Producers: Forward Films

Genre: Comedy


MAN UP by Tess Morris (Julia Tyrell Management)

Producers: Big Talk Productions/Studio Canal

Genre: Romantic Comedy

TUSK TUSK by Polly Stenham (Alan Brodie Representation)

Producers: Origin Pictures/Film4

Genre: Drama

Summary: When three children are left to fend for themselves in a London flat, things start to spiral out of control. Based on Polly Stenham’s critically acclaimed stage play.

X+Y by James Graham (Curtis Brown)

Producers: Origin Pictures/BBC Films/ Minnow Films/BFI

Genre: Drama/Coming-‐of-‐age

Summary: A funny and moving rites of passage drama that charts a teenage prodigy’s journey to the Mathematics Olympiad, and his quest to find a formula for love.


SECOND IS NOWHERE by William Davies (ITG)

Producers: AL Films/BBC Films

Genre: Drama



Producers: David Gerson, Nick Wechsler and Rory Gilmartin

Genre: Crime Thriller

Summary: Former Chinese cop, JIAN arrives in London seeking revenge on snakehead criminal BLACK FORT, the man he holds responsible for the murder of his daughter. British undercover cop RAY picks up his trail, and must decide whether to stop Jian or let him do his dirty work for him.

BAGHDAD WEDDING by Hassan Abdulrazzak (Knight Hall Agency) and Nick Drake (The Agency)

Producers: Focus Features

BURNTHAVEN by Sebastian Foster (United Agents)

Producers: Cloud Eight Films

Genre: Action/Western

Summary: A Federal Marshal tracks his best friend’s murderer through the Utah badlands to an outlaw stronghold. To bring his man to justice, he must first take out 23 of the most lawless fugitives in the land and their leader, a shadowy figure from his past.

LIKE A VIRGIN by Catherine Shepherd (Curtis Brown)

Producers: Kate Ogborn/Fly Film

Genre: Coming-of-age/Comedy

Summary: Mary is off her head on a night out when she is visited by the angel Gabriel who tells her that she has been chosen by God to give birth to the next Messiah. This time the Messiah won’t be born to a virgin. What happens when a girl who isn’t ready to grow up is chosen to save the world? LIKE A VIRGIN is a coming-of-age comedy about the search for the sublime in the ridiculous, the meaningful in the mundane and the desire to believe in something bigger than ourselves.

TESTAMENT OF YOUTH by Juliette Towhidi (Casarotto)

Producers: Heyday Films/BBC Films

Summary: An adaptation of the classic First World War memoir by Vera Brittain, which tackles youth, hope, dreams, love, and loss, and tells the personal story of how one woman faces the tragedy of war, and rises above it.


AVAILABLE LIGHT by Amber Trentham (Casarotto) and Thomas Carty (Casarotto)

Producers: Altered Image Films

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Summary: Joseph, a young ex-‐gardener is paralysed in a bike accident and his life seems all but over. When he entered a deeper stage of hell. But Joseph and prostitute Ingrid fall in love and together plan to escape.

THE BUCCANEERS by Heidi Thomas (The Agency)

Producers: Ruby Films/BBC Films/BFI

Genre: Romantic Drama

Summary: Adapted from Edith Wharton’s classic, the story captures the adventures of three wealthy American girls. Unable to gain acceptance in the WASP-y East Coast society, they are taken by their English governess to hunt for titled husbands in her home country, where many an impoverished Duke and Earl will look fondly at an American girl with a fortune, wherever that fortune comes from…They soon find however that they may have bitten off more than they can chew, and Laura, the governess, is forced to make some hard choices to make things right.

THE CHINESE BUSKER by Trevor Preston (The Agency)

Producers: Kennedy Mellor Limited

Genre: Thriller

Summary: Dumas is a man without a history; a ghost operating in that no-‐ criminal; a genius at providing unscrupulous corporate raiders with devastating information plucked from the air. Hirst is his final customer and becomes his nemesis.


Producers: DNA/BBC Films

Genre: Period Drama

Summary: An adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic novel.

THE GOOD PEOPLE by Nicholas Horwood (Berlin Associates)

Producers: Escape Films

Genre: Horror/Drama

Summary: An American writer moves to rural England to escape his demons, only to find that he is haunted by a very real danger instead.

I, MACROBANE by Ben Wheatley (ITG)

Producers: Rook Films/Big Talk Productions

Genre: Black Comedy


Producers: Headline Pictures/Magnolia Mae Films/BBC Films/BFI

Genre: Romantic Drama

Summary: The story of Victorian England’s most famous author, Charles Dickens, and his secret love affair with young actress Nelly Ternan.

MISS YOU ALREADY by Morwenna Banks (The Agency) and Paul Andrew Williams (United Agents)

Producers: Embargo Films/Salt

Summary: Miss You Already is a film about love, loss and laughter.

A MOST WANTED MAN by Andrew Bovell (HLA)

Producers: The Ink Factory/Potboiler Productions/Film4

Genre: Thriller

Summary: Adaptation of John le Carré’s bestselling novel. An enigmatic figure arrives in Hamburg with unclear objectives and the keys to a safe deposit box containing a fortune. He sweeps an embittered spy, a British banker and an idealistic young lawyer into a thrilling and moving mystery about his identity.

OUR KIND OF TRAITOR by Hossein Amini (Curtis Brown)

Producers: The Ink Factory/Potboiler Productions

Genre: Thriller

Summary: The lives of a young couple are changed forever after a chance encounter with a charismatic Russian oligarch. The man turns out to be the number one money launderer for the Russian mob, and his days are numbered unless the couple can come to his rescue. Based on John le Carré’s bestselling novel.


Producers: Matt Tolmach/Sony Columbia Pictures

Genre: Comedic Thriller

Summary: A hapless and broken-hearted barista is visited by two bad-‐ass soldiers from the future who tell him mankind is doomed and he alone can save them.

TAKING OFF by David F Shamoon (unrepresented)

Producers: Met Film Production

Genre: Road movie/Comedy

Summary: A funny and truthful road movie about a 50-something couple whose failing marriage is driven to its limits as they cross the US to get to their son’s wedding.

WALKING ON SUNSHINE by Joshua St Johnston (Alan Brodie Representation)

Producers: Vertigo Films

Genre: Musical

Summary: Set in the sun-drenched Mediterranean, mother and daughter unwittingly fall for the same guy in this contemporary musical that features the greatest tracks from the 80s.