Please welcome Xander Bennett and Screenwriting Tips… You Hack

It is with similarly great pride and excitement that the Black List announces our relationship with Xander Bennett, who today, along with his Tumblr site Screenwriting Tips… You Hack, also becomes a member of the Black List family.

Whether you’re an eager aspiring screenwriter, an amused veteran, or just a fan of movies, it’ll be hard not to be a fan of advice and observations that are this direct, this short, and this good. We think you’ll quickly see what we mean.

Over the last two years, Xander has published over 720 screenwriting tips at his Tumblr site that are as pithy as they are perfect. All of them will now be available here at the Black List blog, specifically here.

Xander is a former Hollywood script reader who currently works for Australia’s Shine Television Studios. His book based on Screenwriting Tips will be published by Focal Press on October 7. (Buy it here.) He is managed by Madhouse Entertainment.

Please welcome Scott Myers and Go Into the Story

It’s with great pride and excitement that the Black List announces our partnership with Scott Myers, who today becomes a member of the Black List family and whose blog Go Into the Story becomes the screenwriting blog of the Black List. You’ll be able to read him here and at

We’ve been fans of Go Into the Story for a while now. The quality and quantity of his output in this realm is unmatched anywhere else online. Add to that the tone with which he writes – educational, entertaining, and encouraging without being blissfully ignorant of the long odds against most aspiring screenwriters – and you get a blogger wholly consistent with the Black List’s ethos.

Scott’s posts are as wide ranging and entertaining as they are informative. His prodigious output over the last forty months totals over 7000 posts including screenwriter interviews, annual spec market analyses, the daily dialogue, a definitive list of clichéd movie dialogue, reader Q&As, in-depth discussions of various aspects of the craft of screenwriting, and an exhaustive scouring of the web for esoterica likely to be of interest to movie fans and screenwriters, aspiring and experienced alike. That archive – all of it – is available now here at the Black List blog, specifically here.

When he’s not blogging (and you’ll see that it’s just not possible that there’s all that much time when he’s not), Scott is a professor of screenwriting at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He is also the co-founder of Screenwriting Master Class and author of the films K-9, Alaska, and Trojan War. He is a member of the Writers Guild of America, West, and a graduate of the University of Virgina and Yale Divinity School.

Needless to say, we are incredibly excited about this new relationship and look forward to seeing even more of his readers’ scripts on future Black Lists.